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  Additional instructions to be added to the Medical Commission tests results section on the Medical commission website:   


1.     To inquire about the results of Medical tests done in the Medical Commission (Meseimeer Area), please call 44679197 during official working hours:
-          7:00 am until 2:00 pm.
-          2:00 pm until 8:00 pm.
2.     To inquire about the results of Medical tests done in the authorized Health Centers(Al-Shamal Health center, Al-Khor Medical Center, Al-Wakrah Medical Center),Please call 44679134, after ensuring that test results have been sent from the health center to the Medical Commission during the aforementioned working hours.
3.     The duration for results to come through depends on the nature and type of  the tests.
4.     In case of any delay in issuing Medical Fitness results on the web page , applicants should contact the department to ensure the following:
a.     Completion of any blood tests, x-rays, clinical tests or any other required vaccinations.     
b.     Follow up the procedures required for submission to the specialized medical committee at the Medical Commission through the specialized physician at the medical section.
c.     Follow up the transfer procedures to the specialized clinics at Hamad Medical Corporation or The Primary Health Care centers.
5.     The following Medical Fitness Certificates issued by the Medical Commission Department  shall be  submitted at Commission’s Building  (Meseimeer Area):
a.       Medical fitness certificates for workers in the field of nutrition, barber shops, beauty Salons, Health Clubs and Laundries.
b.       Medical Licenses issuance and renewal.
c.        Medical fitness certificates for various purposes (General, Employment, travel, scholarships/education  inside and outside the State of Qatar).
6.     Applicants must contact the information desk at the Medical Commission building to take necessary action, If the  Medical tests results  are not posted on the web page within a period of (3) working days starting from the registration date, despite the  fulfillment of  all the required medical tests, or in the case of not receiving a SMS from the Medical Commission Department requiring applicants to repeat  several examinations,
7.     Applicants must contact the specialized physicians at the Medical Commission to inquire about their  medical condition, medical unfitness, or   justifications for repeating certain tests.
8.     Upon following up the applicant must provide the Medical Commission receipt along with verification documents.

9.     Company employees wishing to follow-up with the Medical Commission should do so through their companies’ authorized representatives. 

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