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Every health practitioner has a legal and ethical obligation to hold a current license in order to practice a health profession in the private sector in the State of Qatar. Renewal applications should be made at least 1 month prior to the expiry date to ensure an uninterrupted right to practice.

The obligation to maintain a current license is a joint responsibility of both the individual practitioner and the employer. The Medical Licensing Department expects every practitioner to take personal responsibility for their own license status and that each employer has a system for monitoring the license expiry dates for all health practitioners they employ.
New Permanent Licensing Committee Policy
The Permanent Licensing Committee has issued a new policy regarding the consequences of late renewal of licenses:
·                     Up to 1 calendar month after license expiry – administrative grace period;
·                     >1 calendar month after license expiry – suspension until new license is issued;
·                     >3 calendar months after license expiry – cancellation of license.
Continuing to practice after suspension or cancellation of license for non-renewal is a serious offence and will be prosecuted.
Compliance Project
The Department’s Compliance & Investigation Team is launching a project to focus on practitioners without a current license and the facilities that employ such practitioners. The Department is committed to working together with facilities and practitioners to achieve the goal of voluntary compliance. However, public health and safety is our priority and formal enforcement action will be taken when necessary to achieve compliance and/or to deter future non-compliance by a particular practitioner/facility or by practitioners/facilities generally.
Deadline: Sunday, 2 May 2010
In order to achieve voluntary compliance, the Department is providing 3 months notice to all practitioners and facilities of the need for annual renewal of license and of the Department’s intention to prosecute any person found practicing with an expired license. All complete renewal applications received by 2 May 2010, including payment of all unpaid fees since the expiry date, will be processed by the Department without penalty for the period in which the practitioner was unlicensed.
However, the Department reserves the right to take formal action according to the law against any facility or practitioner found to have caused harm to the public while operating or practicing without a license.
This circular should be considered as a final warning to all health facilities and practitioners. Any facility or practitioner found operating or practicing without a license, or with an expired license, from 3 May 2010 will be subject to prosecution according to law.
More information and questions
To find out about requirements for licensing and renewal and to obtain application forms, you can:
·                     Visit our website –
·                     Visit our office – Supreme Council of Health building, Al Istiqlal Street (near civil defense roundabout). Reception staff are available from 7am until 12 noon daily. Office staff are available for walk-in clients on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am to 1pm. Other times available by appointment only.
If you have any other questions, please contact:

Director, Medical Licensing Department
Dr. Jamal Rashid Khanji (A/Director)
Mr. Craig Smith (Manager) Practitioner Registration & Licensing
tel. 407 0311
Erin Finn (Manager Compliance & Investigations
tel. 407 0312
Ms. Masouma Fadel Sada (Assistant Manager Compliance & Investigations)
tel. 407 0315
Dr. Mohamed Negem(Acting Head of Section Facility Licensing)
tel. 407 0302
Dr. Yasamin Ali Morad (Licensing Officer – doctors, dentists)
tel. 407 0356
Ms. Rassmah Al Huneiti (Licensing Officer – nurses, allied health practitioners)
tel. 407 0364
Ms. Jowaher Al Ali (Licensing Officer – pharmacists)
tel. 407 0358

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