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Dr. Jamal Rashid Khanji
Director, Medical Licensing/SCH
All Health Facilities in the State of Qatar
All health practitioners in the State of Qatar
All applicants for registration & licensing in the State of Qatar
Updates on Electronic Registration System for Health Practitioners” No. 3”
10 May 2011
In alignment with circular no.26 dated 24/3/2 this is the update on the implementation of the MLD’s electronic registration system:
You can now access the Electronic Registration System through
We are pleased to advise that the following registration application types may be applied for by using the electronic registration system:
Medical License renewal
Change place of work
change scope of practice
updates personal information
Certificate of Good standing
Certificate of registration
Voluntary removal from registration
We would like to express our thanks to health facilities that have applied for personal account to access the system & we recommend they now start using the system. We strongly advise all other health facilities to submit the required information earlier to avoid any delay when the MLD stops accepting hard copy applications.
The system is user friendly and presented in an engaging wizard based format. The work flow for each application process is set out below:
Health practitioner logs in to submit the application.
Application will be forwarded to the Employer electronically
The employer fills his part & forwards the application to registration Department in medical Licensing.
Communication & follow up will be through the electronic system.
You will be informed in the near future when a training workshop will be held to provide all stakeholders with an overview of the electronic registration system.
An announcement will be made in the near future concerning when MLD will stop receiving paper based incoming applications.
“Your cooperation is essential to the success of the electronic registration system.”
If you have questions, comments or suggestions please contact:
Mr. Craig Smith, Registration Manager/email:
Dr. Yasamin Ali Morad, Registration Supervisor & responsible for physicians and dentists registration & licensing /email:
Mrs. Rasmeh Al Huneiti, Renewals Supervisor & responsible for nurses registration & licensing /email:
Miss Jowaher Al Ali, record manager supervisor & responsible for pharmacist & allied health practitioners registration & licensing issues/email:
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