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The Health Education Section of the Supreme Council of Health held two lectures on HIV and Environmental Health and Hygiene to raise health awareness of people and promote the principle “Prevention is better than cure”.
Mrs Alya Hassan Al-Kuwari, Head of Health Education Section stated that the Supreme Council of Health is eager to interact with different entities of the State to raise the community’s awareness of preventable diseases and the right health habits.
The lecture on HIV was held in Al-Ahnaf bin Kais Preparatory School for Boys presented by Dr. Ameen Abu Salah, Pediatric Consultant at SCH.
Dr. Ameen mentioned the diseases related to HIV such as cancers, lung diseases and tuberculosis clarifying that HIV affects all systems of the body and makes patients exposed to more severe diseases.
He pointed out that there is no vaccination for HIV as the RNA virus of HIV changes and evolves rapidly.
He added that the virus is transmitted by sexual interaction in 75% of infections, transfer of infected blood, use of infected sharp objects such as razors and needles, intravenous drug using, during pregnancy from mother to offspring by 20% - 50% and from infected mother to nursing offspring.
The second lecture was held in Duhail Independent Primary School presented by Mrs Doaa AbualShaikh, Health Educator at SCH.
She mentioned the environment components of water, air and soil and highlighted the significance of keeping clean of accommodations, buildings, roads and public places.
She pointed out some disease which are transmitted by having polluted food or water such as Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, Hepatitis (A),Poliomyelitis and other diseases. She stressed the significance of hygiene in the prevention of these diseases.
Mrs Doaa stated the importance of keeping water clean form germs. She also talked about the risks and disorders resulting from noise pollution.
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